PE foam pipe production line

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PE foam pipe production line

Physical PE foam pipe production line was designed by nanjing huadu technology corporation,It has reached the international advanced level, the equipment is initiative in the domestic to make inner pipe, PE foam layer and sheath layer one time forming, and achieve continuous uninterrupted production condition, at the same time is also available in copper, aluminum, steel and other materials of the composite pipe.



The basic parameters:

1、 model number: HD - 75

2、 the total power: 90 kw

3、 foaming degree: 75-87%

4、 extrusion output: 8000 meters/day

5、 pipe diameter range: Φ8 - Φ 50 mm



Performance characteristics:

Through the foaming to control and change the products materials physical state, achieve qualitative light, heat preservation, environmental protection;

The whole line realize the inner tube manufacturing, foaming, film coating, cooling and winding process.Stability and controllability are strong.

Using temperature control module, PLC and touch-screen integration, compared with the conventional extruder, has high degree of automation, reduce the labor intensity, reduce the cost.